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Wednesday, September 17, 2014    

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jenni middleton:
Terrible. Long waits and grumpy staff...they took several specimens and then did not do all the tests...cost us a week in diagnostic time and 4 trips to the lab before it was all over...should have been just one...4 trips with about 20 minutes wait time each...I won't use them again
(Laboratory: QD-02379)
Date: 2014-09-13
kay Patarini:
Good. She is friendly and gets my blood with first try which is usually very hard to do. Have been going for the past year about once a month.
(Laboratory: QD-01470)
Date: 2014-09-12

gina lamicella :
Please remove my information from this site asap thank you gina lamicella
(Doctor ID: 1548522162)
Date: 2014-09-16
Michael Montelongo:
I been calling your #626-773-3300 extension #6 for some reason you can't enter any extension in. Please help.
(Doctor ID: 1235242363)
Date: 2014-09-16
Gernell Johnson:
I have been a member of healthcare pharmacy for along time and they have always treated me like family. There friendly staff is accommodating especially during an emergency .Shreedar the pharmacist and team are some of the best individual's you can meet. I highly recommend this pharmacy.
(ID: Pharmacy-L14031)
Date: 2014-09-16
I am concerned I may have the wrong medication. my prescription was changed by the doctors office. twice I have been called about my old pres. which makes me very sick.the aide that made the call made up every excuse as to why it was not their fault and when I argued with her she Hung up the phone.A
(ID: Pharmacy-L9232)
Date: 2014-09-07


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