Allergy and Immunology Subspecialties:

An allergy is a hypersensitivity as a result of exposure to a certain allergen resulting in an increase in reactivity to the allergen when exposed, sometimes resulting in immunologic issues. This branch of medicine is focused on the study, diagnosis, and treatment of allergic reactions. Some allergies are a hypersensitivity to specific drugs.
Allergy and Immunology:
Generally, an immunology clinic provides the diagnosis and treatment options for patients with genetic disorders of the immune system. In turn, an Allergy clinic is for the diagnosis and management of people with serious allergic diseases inclusive of latex allergy, food allergies and multiple drug allergies. The main role for this division is to diagnose and take care of patients who are best treated in a hospital environment.
Clinical and Laboratory Immunology:
This is where immunology is studied. Immunology is the science that is concerned with numerous aspects of immunity, induced sensitivity and allergies. Here is where hands-on learning and information gathering takes place.