Family Medicine Subspecialties:

Addiction Medicine Family Medicine:
This is a special branch of medicine that handles the treatment of addiction. Addiction Medicine crosses over into numerous other heath areas such as psychology, public health, social work, psychiatry and internal medicine. The processes of rehabilitating, detoxifying, individual and group therapies and acute intervention are a few areas incorporated within this type of medical specialty.
Adolescent Medicine:
This is a division of medicine that is set to serve the health care requirements of adolescents and to help provide research and training the will help improve adolescent health. It focuses on patient care during the adolescent period of development. This usually ranges from the last few years of elementary school until graduation from high school.
Adult Medicine:
Adult Medicine is a practice of internal medicine. There is a very strong emphasis in quality care, prevention, follow-ups, short wait times, education and professional relationships. Adult Medicine is associated with numerous different divisions of medicine.
Bariatric Medicine:
Refers to a branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of obesity, along with the causes and different prevention techniques. Overweight and obesity are on the rise and cause numerous preventable health conditions. With that said, many of the side affects of being overweight are detrimental.
Family Medicine:
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What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is a medical discipline that offers comprehensive healthcare to patients of all ages. Healthcare providers who specialize in family medicine are primary care physicians that are trained to cater to the healthcare needs of families, including adults and children.

Of all the primary care specialties, family medicine specialists handle the most healthcare cases because the scope of family medicine is extremely large. Healthcare providers specializing in other medical disciplines often focus on one particular part of the body or one disease. For family doctors, this is far from the truth because they need to know how to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments, and provide healthcare for you as a whole person. They also provide preventive medical care services to help patients maintain best health over the long term.

Family physicians will also need to consider the personal lives of the patients, because the concept of the patient-physician relationship is heightened in this discipline. Many family doctors find themselves forming lasting patient-physician relationships that span over decades, and it is this special element that sets family medicine apart from other healthcare specialties.

Common Conditions Seen by Family Physicians

- Sore Throat
- Cough
- Flu
- Fever
- Asthma
- Allergies
- Ear Infection
- Urinary Tract Infection
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Arthritis
- Obesity

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Geriatric Medicine:
Geriatric Medicine is a sub-component of internal and family medicine. It focuses specifically on the health and care of elderly people. The goal being to promote health by preventing disease, diagnosing and treating it to improve the overall quality of life.
Hospice and Palliative Medicine:
Hospice Medicine is end-of-life medicine to help make the patient more comfortable and to ease the suffering. Palliative Medicine is a unique area of health care that has goals to relieve and prevent the suffering of all patients. Palliative Medicine uses a multi-factorial approach to caring for patient and relies on advice from the doctors, chaplains, nurses, social workers and other health care professionals if planning how to care for a patient.
Sleep Medicine:
This medical specialty is focused on diagnosing and the therapy of sleep disturbances and disorders. In this process is a thorough medical history and diagnosis as symptoms are vary different within this specialty. One method of diagnosing is a polysomnography, that records sleep stages and respiratory events during a sleep period.
Sports Medicine Family Medicine:
This area of health specialty services applies medical and scientific knowledge to lessen, recognize, care for and rehabilitate injuries that are related to sport. This includes exercises and recreational activities. A Certified Athletic Trainer is an example of a health professional the specializes in the health care of physical activity. They use various methods of Sports Medicine to care and prevent athletic injury.