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Instructions for communications: Follow the following instructions to add, remove, or edit a location:

TO ADD A NEW LOCATION: Follow the "Get Listed" link at the top of the page. Only laboratories and pharmacies can add new locations. Physician contact details come from information issued by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

TO EDIT / UPDATE A LOCATION: To edit a location in the LabDraw Database you must: 1) Browse to the location's LabDraw webpage, and 2) click on the link, "Claim this listing"

All edits go live immediately. Basic edits, such as updating the address and/or phone number, are free. However, a valid credit card is required for authentication purposes in order to make an edit to a location. Once you have edited the location information you will receive an email including a username and password which you could use to make additional edits.

LabDraw makes every attempt to correct or remove inaccurate information in a reliable and authenticated manner. If there is information that you see as incorrect, and would like to have it removed, please follow these instructions above.


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