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Adult Care Home: This provides professional health and various support services in partnership with individuals and families, to help improve the quality of life for an individual. Adult Home Care is designed to compliment but not replace, the individual efforts to care for themselves, along with the help of their friends, family and community. Adult Home Care will allow an individual to keep their independence with a little assistance.

Taxonomy Code: 311ZA0620X

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Nursing and Custodial Care Facilities: Nursing Care Facilities are essentially nursing homes that are normally the highest level of care for the elders of the population, outside of the hospital. Custodial Care Facilities help individuals with their daily living activates, preparing food and self-administering medications that don't require specific medical care. Custodial Care is non-medical.

Christian Science Facility: These are establishments that provide sanctuary for people that want to rely only on prayer for healing and this is supported by Christian science nurses. These facilities offer twenty-four hour Christian Science Nursing Care. As well this facility may offer outpatient care, home visits, rest and study and respite care.

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