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Acute Care: This is an area of secondary health care in which a patient gets active but short-term treatment for a serious injury or illness. Acute Care is the opposite of chronic care. This type of care is often delivered by teams of health care professionals working together.

Taxonomy Code: 363LA2100X

Physician Assistants and Advanced Practice Nursing Providers | Nurse Practitioner | Acute Care

Physician Assistants and Advanced Practice Nursing Providers: A Physician Assistant refers to a healthcare professional that is trained and fully licensed to practice the art of medicine with minimal supervision of a fully licensed physician. Advanced Practice Nursing is inclusive of either a clinical nurse specialist or a nurse practitioner. Clinical nurses offer expert nursing care and help with the development of clinical structures, whereas a nurse practitioner gives direct care, focusing in on the treatment and care of patients.

Nurse Practitioner: Is an advanced registered nurse that has finished graduate-level education. They focus on the condition of a patient, along with the affects of illness on the lives of the patients and their families. Nurse Practitioners offer work as a go-between with regards to communication between the doctor and the patient.

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