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What is Emergency Medicine?

Emergency medicine is a team oriented field where the doctors will perform a diagnosis while treating patients who are acute and undifferentiated. They are trained to deal with practically any emergency, and will perform numerous procedures, some of which are standard and others which are lifesaving. Patients will come to them to find out why they are sick, and emergency medicine doctors will perform an evaluation within the outpatient setting.

Those who work within emergency medicine differ from other physicians as they work extensively with others. They will typically need to collaborate with ancillary staff and nurses, and are expected to communicate clearly and concisely while working well with others. Emergency medicine professionals are generalists which means they work with a variety of patients as opposed to being restricted to one specialty, such as a chiropractor who works primarily with the spine or an anesthesiologist who primarily focuses on pain relief.

Common Tasks Performed by Emergency Medicine Professionals

- Manages patients who have experienced physical trauma
- Treats psychiatric patients
- Works with the elderly or children
- Performs medical evaluations

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