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What is a Social Worker?

A social worker helps families who are going through tough times and ensures that the most vulnerable, such as children, are protected from harm. They provide support in a manner that will improve the lives of others. They function as a guide or advocate, and at times may need to use their judgment to make hard decisions that may not be taken well by the people they are tasked with helping.

Social workers operate in diverse environments, which may include hospitals, schools or within voluntary institutions. They specialize in children and families, but may also support adults as well. These professionals will work in either a non-statutory or statutory role. In a statutory role they must enforce specific laws and regulations whereas non-statutory roles are not directly responsible for legal enforcement. They work with those who are homeless, suffer from substance abuse problems or who have been abused.

Common Tasks Performed by Social Workers

- Helps those with mental health issues
- Assists those with physical or learning disabilities
- Manages students who fail to attend school
- Assists the elderly
- Consults minors in juvenile detention
- Provides court evidence
- Collaborates with other agencies

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