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Clinical Social Worker: Often referred to as bedside medical practice. Is based on an observation and treatment of patients as opposed to general science or theory. There is clinical linguistics, examination, waste, chemistry, research, formulation and numerous other medical applications.

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What is a Clinical Social Worker?

Clinical social workers specialize in methods and approaches for the treatment and prevention of bio psychosocial disorders. They emphasize social development via biology and psychology and are routinely employed to help those who are suffering from addictions or other mental disorders. They also help patients deal with the effects of injury, trauma or disease.

These professionals are some of the most diverse in the healthcare industry. They treat, plan, diagnose and assess the status of patients and also perform case management. They are expected to display a great deal of flexibility while being skilled at the application of their knowledge. They also act as supervisors and consultants, collaborating with colleagues and working in research, writing, administration or teaching. They adhere to a code of ethics and their education is ongoing for the duration of their careers.

Common Tasks Performed by Clinical Social Workers

- Rehabilitative care
- Family and child services
- Residential treatment
- Palliative care
- Home health care
- Social services
- Public sector mental health treatment
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