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What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors specialize in the analysis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, especially the adjustment of the spine. They work with patients who are suffering from back pain due to accidents or disease and they help them alleviate the discomfort while educating them on ways that exercise and other therapies can be used for improvement.

Chiropractors recognize that derangement to the spine which results from biomechanical or structural issues can affect the nervous system. In most patients their goal will be to restore the spine's structural integrity while lowering pressure on their neurological tissue and enhancing their health. Many of the techniques that these doctors use will be non-surgical and noninvasive. Their goal is to rehabilitate the spine's natural mobility, which results in lower irritation to the spine's nerves while improving the altered reflexes.

Common Conditions Seen by Chiropractors

- Sports injuries
- Injuries from automobile accidents
- Neck pain
- Lower back pain
- Headaches
- Pain resulting from arthritis
- Leg pain
- Pain resulting from repeated strains

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