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What is a Dentist?

A dentist is responsible for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of medical problems involving the teeth, gums or jaw. They will work with patients who are suffering from cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss or gum disease. They also do routine cleaning to remove plaque and will perform cosmetic procedures such as braces which can be used to straighten out their patient's teeth.

The conditions that dentists address range from the very simple to the extraordinarily complex. Many patients wait until they have pain or other problems before they visit a dentist, but having regular checkups makes it easier for them to detect problems early and treat them. These doctors will use x-rays and other diagnostic tools extensively in order to detect problems with the teeth and jaws and they will also apply anesthesia as necessary to reduce pain in their patients when they perform operations.

Common Conditions Seen by Dentists

- Periodontal disease
- Tooth decay
- Bad breath
- Mouth ulcer
- Xerostomia
- Oral cancer
- Tooth loss
- Bruxism
- Dental plaque

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