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What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Speech-language pathologists are responsible for the diagnosis, evaluation, prevention and treatment of disorders related to speaking, social communication or language. People who suffer from stuttering or who have problems performing speech sounds are routinely treated by this doctors, as are people who have difficulty understanding others or sharing their ideas.

They also work with patients who have disorders in cognitive communication, who have difficulty, planning, and problem solving, remembering or otherwise organizing their thoughts. These disorders may result from accidents, stroke or dementia, and in some cases may be congenital. Some people seek out the services of speech-language pathologists because they suffer from dysphagia, which is a swallowing disorder that makes eating difficult. Patients who suffer from autism may have issues with social communication, and will be treated by these physicians so that their nonverbal and verbal communication can be improved. They deal with a diverse set of issues which are related to semantics or language.

Common Conditions Seen by Speech-Language Pathologists

- Stuttering
- Aphasia
- Dysarthria
- Apraxia

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