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What is Home Health?

Home Health encompasses a range of services which are provided to those who are suffering from an illness at home. The service is often more convenient and affordable than what you will receive in a hospital, and is just as efficient. The purpose of home health is to assist patients in overcoming their disease or injury. Many patients who have Medicare may be eligible for home health.

Doctors will refer their patients to home health and the agency will make an appointment where they will visit your residence to talk about your needs and ask you some questions. They will also consult with your doctor and will keep them updated on your progression. Home health service providers will do things such as provide injections, care for wounds, perform nutritional therapy, and monitor the patient's condition.

Common Tasks Performed by Home Health Professionals

- Evaluating the eating and drinking habits of patients
- Educating patients on self-care
- Checking to make sure the home is safe
- Ensuring patients are taking their medications
- Checking heart rate, breathing and blood pressure

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