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Michael Mike reviewed CINDY MARY DEVASSY   3 hrs ago
Joseph Reso NeedMyBloodDrawn reviewed Any Lab Test Now Allentown PA 0064-1   14 hrs ago
Great place. I go here every month to get my blood count done! This lab is convenient and clean! And the people are friendly, too.
prea fowler notta niga nomow reviewed FIRST STOP URGENT CARE BROADWAY PSC   3 days ago
First Stop Urgent Care 927 E. Broadway Louisville Kentucky 40202 Run by crooks. Nurse Practitioners charging for test never run! Manipulating patients blood & urine samples. Incompetent, the employees don't know how to take a blood pressure reading! Stealing drug samples for their own, & their nieces - nephews. In Smoketown, a very rough area of town! IF YOU ARE BLACK, YOU WILL BE SEEN FASTER! NURSES ARE VERY GHETTO. All of the educated employees have left on their own accord. Head man under supervision for molesting patients!

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LabMann Carmichael LabMann reviewed Any Lab Test Now Allentown PA 0064-1 3 months ago
This is a great place to have specimens drawn! They are so friendly, and reasonable. Most importantly, they take my insurance!! Thanks, Any Lab Test Now! Great service is so important!
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