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5 Flask Rating for DR. BERT HOLMES III M.D.
Posted on 08/22/2017 by unabomber
Comment: Outstanding doctor; very thorough and truly concerned about his patients. ... Read more >>
Posted on 08/20/2017 by Joe
Comment: very unpleasant atmosphere poor patient treatment ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for ZIKORA VENTURES INC
Posted on 08/19/2017 by BENJAMIN
Comment: Could I apply as a transport driver for Zikora Ventures? How and where can I apply? ... Read more >>
Posted on 08/19/2017 by Apoll
Comment: Nice lady. Does an okay job. ... Read more >>

Laboratory Reviews

5 Flask Rating for Quest Diagnostics - Fairfield
Posted on 08/16/2017 by Nat
Comment: The lab at 5130 Pleasant Avenue Fairfield OH 45014 is excellent. The lady that is normally there, Theresa Lamb, is so good at taking blood. I have very weak veins and she has never had to stick me ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for Quest Diagnostics - Middleburg Heights
Posted on 08/11/2017 by Mrs. Shirley K.
Comment: Thank You very much! I have very small veins and have been bruised and battered with every blood test/ procedure done. I am not exaggerating that some some bruising has lasted for months. Phleboto ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for BioReference Labs
Posted on 07/15/2017 by Dave
Comment: The only place I go for Blood work!!! They really know what the're doing!! ... Read more >>

Pharmacy Reviews

5 Flask Rating for WALGREEN DRUG STORE #03857
Posted on 07/31/2017 by GiGi
Comment: My husband and I are quite pleased with Walgreens. Today we stopped at a new one for us, 3488 Main Street, in Buffalo, NY. We were particularly delighted with the young woman who checked us out: ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for FARMACIA 22-24 CENTRO
Posted on 06/28/2017 by Guadalupe
Comment: me a gustado mucho encontrar estas farmacias gracias ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for FRED MEYER PHARMACY #00093
Posted on 06/20/2017 by none
Comment: We switched from another pharmacy about a year ago because that supplier frequently was out of what we wanted -- and a number of nonbusiness issues. Too much drama... This Fred Meyer always has wh ... Read more >>

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LabDraw greatly simplifies the process of finding a qualified medical professional in your area. You can search through the reviews that have been written by others to come to your own conclusions regarding which physician you prefer. Our site is accurate and regularly updated.

What is a Medical Professional?

A medical professional is a licensed practitioner who is dedicated to the values and ethics of the healthcare field. They practice medicine in a manner which emphasizes the rights of the patients and in a way that foments trust. They understand that the relationship between themselves and their patients is a type of social contract, one that has evolved overtime but which must be honored.

Medical professionals work with patients daily and are responsible for consulting with them and their families, making recommendations, and running tests in order to determine the root cause of disease or injury. They can perform a diagnosis and depending on the extent of their training can also perform surgery. Medical professional is a broad term which encompasses a variety of specialties. They work with patients of all ages and will collaborate with doctors in other fields. They work in environments which range from nursing homes to hospitals and clinics.

Common Tasks Performed by Medical Professionals

- Promoting well-being among patients
- Performing diagnostic tests
- Learning new medical skills and procedures
- Educating patients on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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LabDraw has become an indispensable resource for millions of people all over the country who are in need of a physician near them. The site is simple to navigate and allows you to quickly find doctors and equally important, read the reviews which have been written by others so you can better, more informed decisions in regards to the healthcare you pay for. Search LabDraw, Today!

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