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Healthcare Provider Reviews

Posted on 03/29/2020 by sam
5 Flask Rating for DR. SEPIDEH SAHAR ARAM M.D.
Comment: Dr SEPIDEH she is the best ... Read more >>
Posted on 03/28/2020 by dkhart
5 Flask Rating for AKILA PERVIS
Comment: Akila is amazing. She let me feel her biceps. They are big and hard. Then she showed me her chest. Her boobs looked bigger on those hard pecs. She bounced them. Drive me crazy. She noticed that my coc ... Read more >>
Posted on 03/27/2020 by Robmark
Comment: First priority are great caring people who put their clients first. They have been on time every time I have had an appointment. Awesome place! ... Read more >>
Posted on 03/27/2020 by Alyssa H
5 Flask Rating for BYRON DIXON LLC
Comment: Mr. Byron Dixon was the best therapist I have ever seen. He is an expert in his field and addressed all manors of obstacles that I was facing. I used to cry for seemingly no reason, and after resolvin ... Read more >>

Laboratory Reviews

5 Flask Rating for LabCorp Patient Service Center
Posted on 03/05/2020 by Janebowman
Comment: Gentleman who was running the clinic I was at on Delaney was exceptional. Very kind and very professional. Amazing ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for LabCorp Patient Service Center
Posted on 10/11/2019 by Ms B
Comment: Received excellent service at this location (Pembrooke) every time! I make appointment and the wait is only a matter of minutes. Also I am what is called "a difficult stick" and they pay attention an ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for Quest Diagnostics - Norwalk-148 East Ave
Posted on 10/07/2019 by jennifer
Comment: My 19 year old daughter has been severely bruised due to the inexperienced staff there at Quest. She was sent for blood work on Sept 27, 2019 from her gastro doctor.... Dr. Pierog, she was severely br ... Read more >>

Pharmacy Reviews

5 Flask Rating for CVS PHARMACY #03861
Posted on 03/28/2020 by pearl
Comment: On March 27, 2020 I went to CVS to turn my prescriptions in and to request that my one drug be filled and I would be waiting. The girl that waited on me (they have to log in my prescriptions). The gir ... Read more >>
2 Flask Rating for RITE AID PHARMACY #5845
Posted on 01/16/2020 by Tina marie
Comment: I was totally blown away when I saw a picture posted on the internet December 19 2019 of employees at location 101 N. China Lake Blvd. Ridgecrest California 93555 giving basically thumbs up. I could n ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for KROGER PHARMACY #29725
Posted on 05/10/2019 by Bobby cooper
Comment: This pharmacy is a rare find. Reagan and the other pharmacists,each of them us staff are all very caring and really go the extra mile for their patients and they know their jobs second to NONE!! When ... Read more >>
2 Flask Rating for SMITHS PHARMACY #372
Posted on 04/03/2019 by LeeLee702
Comment: The pharmacy technicians are very demeaning and rude with customers. If one can stand the utter rudeness of being talked down too and being completely humiliated by the staff, then I suppose Smiths Ph ... Read more >>

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What is a Medical Professional? A medical professional is a licensed practitioner who is dedicated to the values and ethics of the healthcare field. They practice medicine in a manner which emphasizes the rights of the patients and in a way that foments trust. They understand that the relationship between themselves and their patients is a type of social contract, one that has evolved overtime but which must be honored.

Medical professionals work with patients daily and are responsible for consulting with them and their families, making recommendations, and running tests in order to determine the root cause of disease or injury. They can perform a diagnosis and depending on the extent of their training can also perform surgery. Medical professional is a broad term which encompasses a variety of specialties. They work with patients of all ages and will collaborate with doctors in other fields. They work in environments which range from nursing homes to hospitals and clinics.

Common Tasks Performed by Medical Professionals - Promoting well-being among patients

- Performing diagnostic tests
- Learning new medical skills and procedures
- Educating patients on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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  • Almost 20 percent of Americans, or more than 40 million adults, can't afford or access needed health care, according to a new U.S. government report (Mar 23, 2018)

  • Healthcare spending accounted for 17.9 percent of the US Gross Domestic Product

  • Hospital care makes up about 33% of the total healthcare spend

  • 30% of prescriptions for antibiotics are unnecessary

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