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Healthcare Provider Reviews

5 Flask Rating for DR. ROBERT GARELICK DDS, PC
Posted on 09/18/2018 by Garen A
Comment: Thanks for such a fantastic visit for my two kids!! Dr. Robert and his staff are very friendly and professional. Had a great experience. ... Read more >>
Posted on 09/16/2018 by lana
Comment: Good and efficient service ...
Posted on 09/15/2018 by Michael L
Comment: Ms. Yannarelli is absolutely amazing in her profession. The utmost caring Individual I have ever come into contact with within the rehabilitative system. The only person I’ve encountered whom was ab ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for JIN BAE L.AC
Posted on 09/13/2018 by McElroy
Comment: CAC now accepts registration to achieve your degree in Oriental Doctor of Medicine (OMD). Visit www.CaliforniaAcupunctureCollege.org, the only online higher education learning that allows you to comp ... Read more >>

Laboratory Reviews

5 Flask Rating for LabCorp Patient Service Center
Posted on 08/21/2018 by Hunter
Comment: I just want to say that all the LabCorp Labs are so good ! Yes some are more busy than other's certain times of the day, BUT the one at 345 Saxony is the best kept secret ! But there is a catch. You n ... Read more >>
2 Flask Rating for Quest Diagnostics - Fairview Park
Posted on 08/15/2018 by Painless
Comment: Even as a healthcare provider looking to have questions answered about testing before I send a patient to them, I can not get through to an actual person without sitting on hold endlessly. I do not h ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for BioReference Labs
Posted on 06/17/2018 by Carole
Comment: Excellent. Always go here. Never cvph lab which always overcharges. ... Read more >>

Pharmacy Reviews

2 Flask Rating for ROSAUERS PHARMACY #3
Posted on 08/12/2018 by mum
Comment: Called the pharmacy twice just now and neither time no answer or way to leave a message. Not good customer service. ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for OSCO PHARMACY #1002
Posted on 06/25/2018 by Byf
Comment: I have been getting my prescriptions filled at the Albertson's Osco Pharmacy at Ellsworth and Baseline Rd in Mesa for several years now and it is time to comment on the staff. I can not think of a wa ... Read more >>
5 Flask Rating for VILLAGE PHARMACY
Posted on 03/03/2018 by Mel
Comment: Have been with this wonderful and caring small family owned pharmacy for over fifteen years now. They are very friendly, helpful, caring and so much more. The have always been there for me and never w ... Read more >>

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LabDraw greatly simplifies the process of finding a qualified medical professional in your area. You can search through the reviews that have been written by others to come to your own conclusions regarding which physician you prefer. Our site is accurate and regularly updated.

What is a Medical Professional?

A medical professional is a licensed practitioner who is dedicated to the values and ethics of the healthcare field. They practice medicine in a manner which emphasizes the rights of the patients and in a way that foments trust. They understand that the relationship between themselves and their patients is a type of social contract, one that has evolved overtime but which must be honored.

Medical professionals work with patients daily and are responsible for consulting with them and their families, making recommendations, and running tests in order to determine the root cause of disease or injury. They can perform a diagnosis and depending on the extent of their training can also perform surgery. Medical professional is a broad term which encompasses a variety of specialties. They work with patients of all ages and will collaborate with doctors in other fields. They work in environments which range from nursing homes to hospitals and clinics.

Common Tasks Performed by Medical Professionals

- Promoting well-being among patients
- Performing diagnostic tests
- Learning new medical skills and procedures
- Educating patients on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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