November 6, 2018

About LabDraw

LabDraw was launched in 2010 to assist patients within the United States with finding the perfect, most reliable healthcare provider for them. Since 2010, LabDraw has attracted millions of visitors who have participated in helping our cause by rating and commented on LabDraw’s directory of nearly 5 million healthcare providers, nationwide.

LabDraw is a directory built and maintained by GeneTree, Inc. GeneTree was founded in 1997, and has been providing solutions to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare segments for nearly 20 years. The services GeneTree’s multiple divisions provide include the BioPharma Insitute (training for drug manufacturing and clinical personnel); American Paternity Association (genetic testing for consumers, such as DNA testing paternity and distant relationships); AbuseCheck (hair alcohol and drug testing for forensic purposes), and SplitTarget (website hosting, digital marketing, and website development services).

LabDraw – Your Path to Better Healthcare

By providing this venue for patients and doctors to freely post comments and ratings, LabDraw aims to assist by keeping those who treat us accountable, ultimately leading to better healthcare.

We hope that you will join the 10 thousand people who visit this site everyday, and help others by using this site to search, locate, visit; then, rate and comment on your experiences.

Your LabDraw Team