Laboratories Subspecialties

Clinical Medical Laboratory:
This is a laboratory where tests are competed on clinical specimens to get specific information about the health of a patient. This helps in diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. They normally have two sections and they are anatomic and clinical. Most staff in these laboratories are scientists, rather than doctors.
Dental Laboratory:
A Dental Laboratory is where orthodontic devices are made and repaired. Examples are bridges, crown, braces and dentures. Most Dental Laboratories employ less than five technicians.
Military Clinical Medical Laboratory:
A Military Clinical Medical Laboratory is an establishment where tests are executed on clinical specimens. This is done to get information about the health of a patient in reference to diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. These labs are established to handle military issues.
Physiological Laboratory:
A Physiological Laboratory is an entity that tests modalities performed by IPL's including, neuromuscular and neurological tests, ultrasounds, echocardiograms, cardiac monitoring, pulmonary function tests and nuclear medicine tests. These labs can be found in hospitals, doctor's offices or in some rural health clinics. Labs operating outside of these establishments are called Independent Physiological Laboratories.