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What is a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is responsible for providing prescription medications to their patients. They also give info about the drugs which have been ordered by doctors. They consult with patients and give them the doctor's instructions regarding usage of the medication so that they can safely handle them.

Pharmacists may be employed in hospitals, drugstores, or standalone pharmacies. They operate in work environments which are fast paced and they can function at a high volume. They are certified to provide immunizations and the best will provide superb customer service, as they are responsible for consulting with patients and providing them with important information regarding the medicine they take. Pharmacists, like medical professionals in general, are detail oriented and have outstanding critical thinking skills. They enjoy the challenge of solving problems and can evaluate the merits of various solutions.

Common Tasks Performed by Pharmacists

- Evaluates prescriptions to determine accuracy and drug interactions
- Manages daily medicine orders
- Collaborates with doctors and other physicians to review medicine
- Educates patients on drug therapy and usage
- Ensures their pharmacy is in compliance with state laws
- Compounds medications and concocts special solutions when needed.

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