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Addiction (Substance Use Disorder): This includes substance abuse and dependence. These conditions are formally diagnosed as one or the other. It's the over use and dependence of a drug or other chemical that leads to effects that are harmful to the individual's mental and physical health.

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What is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is defined as the techniques, methods and tools which are used to help recovering addicts overcome their substance abuse. It is a broad and constantly expanding field, which encompasses things such as yoga, meditation, massages and family therapy. Addiction treatment is usually provided through a rehab center where patients will be admitted after they've been detoxified to remove the drugs from their system.

Those who work in addiction treatment have an extensive knowledge of various drugs, both legal and non-legal, and the effects they have on the body. They also have a profound understanding of human anatomy and psychology. Those who resort to substance abuse often have underlying, psychological issues which contributed to the problem, often the result of past trauma, and the best addiction treatment services are those which are able to address these underlying issues. The best addiction treatment programs have a high success rate with few patients relapsing or returning to drug usage after completion.

Common Conditions Seen at Addiction Treatment Clinics

  1. -Alcohol abuse
  2. -Drug abuse
  3. -Process addictions
  4. -Mental health disorders
  5. -Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers | Counselor | Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)

Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers: Include a group of health care professionals that offer support for addictive, learned and sometimes inherited behaviors. These issues are inclusive of drug abuse, older adult services, HIV prevention and education, alcoholism, transitions back into society after treatment, mental health and numerous other social and behavioral health issues. Examples include clinical psychologists, mental health counselors and psychiatrists.

Counselor: This is a person trained to offer guidance on social, personal or psychological issues. There are numerous different types of counselors within the health field. Examples of counselors are psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, sex therapists and marriage and family therapists.

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