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Administrator: Is the field relating to leadership, management and the administrative duties of hospitals, networks and various health care systems. Health Care Administrators are health care professionals. A Health Care Administrator is also known as health systems management, medical and health services management and health management.

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Nursing Service Providers: Nurses offer care and support to patients. An RN is something of a specialist in patient care and an LPN is more of a generalist. Nurses can be somewhat stationary in a hospital setting or they may offer their services in another setting such as a nursing home or they may even do home visits.

Registered Nurse: A Registered Nurse is a graduate from a nursing program at a college or university and they have successfully passed a national licensing examination. They assist individuals, groups and families to prevent disease and achieve good health. They take care of the sick and injured in numerous establishments, like hospitals, private homes and other health care facilities.

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