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Assistive Technology Supplier: Helps individuals that have disabilities acquire and use the right assistive technology to help them participate in the activities of daily living, employment and continuing education. This field consists of a group of health care providers. This includes occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists and other professionals that have a specialty in assistive technology issues.

Taxonomy Code: 231HA2500X

Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers | Audiologist | Assistive Technology Supplier

Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers: Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers offer evaluation and treatment options for specific language and hearing issues. They can be found working in numerous settings including private and public schools, group homes, hospitals and nursing facilities. They work with such issues as articulation, expressive language, stuttering, pragmatic language, swallowing and oral motor skills.

Audiologist: Is a medical professional that is knowledgeable in hearing, balance and other related disorders. Audiologist help prevent, identify, assess, treat and rehabilitate hearing issues in adults and children. Some places you will find them are in hospitals, community health clinics, schools, public health establishments, hearing aid manufacturers and private practices.

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