Adult Development and Aging 103TA0700X

Adult Development and Aging: Adult Development is an area of developmental psychology. This term can be broken down into three dimensions including change, types of change and psychological processes. Positive Adult Development can be divided into hierarchical complexity, knowledge, experience, expertise, wisdom and spirituality.

Taxonomy Code: 103TA0700X

Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers | Psychologist | Adult Development and Aging

Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers: Include a group of health care professionals that offer support for addictive, learned and sometimes inherited behaviors. These issues are inclusive of drug abuse, older adult services, HIV prevention and education, alcoholism, transitions back into society after treatment, mental health and numerous other social and behavioral health issues. Examples include clinical psychologists, mental health counselors and psychiatrists.

Psychologist: This type of therapist has either a master's or doctorate, along with training to diagnose and treat a large array of emotional issues. Psychologists must be certified. Psychologists usually work with other specialists in the medical field to treat patients.

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