Audiology Assistant 2355A2700X

Audiology Assistant: Reports to the director of student services and under the direction of the audiologist can conduct first level screening tests of children. Some duties include preparing and implementing yearly screening schedules for hearing tests. Another is to maintain records and forms, along with other important documents.

Taxonomy Code: 2355A2700X

Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers | Specialist/Technologist | Audiology Assistant

Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers: Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers offer evaluation and treatment options for specific language and hearing issues. They can be found working in numerous settings including private and public schools, group homes, hospitals and nursing facilities. They work with such issues as articulation, expressive language, stuttering, pragmatic language, swallowing and oral motor skills.

Specialist/Technologist: A Specialist is an expert in a specific profession. Normally a Specialist will have further education than most people in their chosen field. For example, a Pediatrician is a specialist with children and has studied more than a general practitioner.

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