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Air Transport: Medical Air Transport can be used for patients, family members, corporations, managed care companies, nursing homes, hospitals, insurance companies, assistance companies and other medical care providers. A few examples are air ambulance and helicopter. This method of transport is often used in a life or death situation where time is critical.

Taxonomy Code: 3416A0800X

Transportation Services | Ambulance | Air Transport

Transportation Services: Transportation Services are used to get patients to and from medical facilities and patient care residences. Some common examples are ambulances, medical helicopters and planes, along with specific buses and vans. Numerous organizations offer transportation services for people that would otherwise have no way to get to the medical facility or associated venue.

Ambulance: A vehicle for transportation for sick and injured people to, from or between places of treatment for illness or injury. Sometimes they will offer out of hospital care to the patients. Ambulances are part of the medical health team within the health care system.

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